Christmas Appetizer Tray Ideas

25 christmas appetizers

Are There Any Easy Christmas Appetizers For A Party?

Either way, you’re probably looking for some delicious and easy Christmas appetizers! Here are 25 easy holiday appetizers for a crowd of any size. They include cute Christmas themed appetizers (in the shape of trees and wreaths). Plus fancier ideas for a more glam-style party.

How Do You Make A Veggie Tray For Christmas?

This simple Christmas tree ornament veggie tray is made from arranging each vegetable in rows on a circular tray. Cut out the ornament topper and affix a hook to the top for the final touch! Crescent rounds are baked and arranged in a circle, then topped with an herb cream cheese spread and fresh vegetables to make this cute Christmas wreath.

What Do You Put In A Christmas Tree Fruit Platter?

This simple Christmas tree fruit platter is made from sliced granny smith apples, green grapes and berries. You’ll need a basic Christmas tree shaped platter for this cute Christmas fruit platter. Arrange chunks of honeydew melon and cherries in the platter to make the tree.

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How Long Does It Take To Make A Christmas Appetizer?

We rounded up our 25 favorite crowd-pleasing appetizers that will be the hit of the holiday. These savory bites look and taste super-fancy, but couldn’t be easier to make — the prep time clocks in at just 10 minutes! Mix up the filling ahead of time and you’ll be just minutes away from finished Christmas appetizers.

  • Cheese Board Appetizers

    1.2 Meat, Cheese, Olive Charcuterie Board. 1.3 Butternut Squash Cheeseball And A Holiday Cheese Board. 2 Fruitcuterie Board. 2.1 PureWow Fruitcuterie Board. 2.2 The Ultimate Burrata Cheese Board. 2.3 Smoked Salmon Appetizer Platter. 2.4 Dessert Board With Cranberry Chocolate Truffles. 2.5 The Lighter Cheese Board. 2.6 Spanish Tapas Board.

  • Veggie Christmas Tree Appetizer

    This puff pastry Christmas tree is the perfect holiday appetizer! Gorgeous spinach cheese pastry tree that’s as delicious as it is pretty & perfect for parties! Made with just a few very simple ingredients and prepared in just a few minutes, this tree is gorgeous & so easy to make!

  • Easy Appetizer Platter

    Platter Appetizer Ideas. The Ultimate Crudité Platter. When I say ultimate, I mean it. This platter is loaded up with marinated feta, tart cherry thyme butter, a luscious lemony white bean dip, and, of course, tons of fresh veggies. Your guests won’t be able to get enough! Chipotle Cauliflower Nachos

  • Snowman Christmas Veggie Trays


  • Cute Christmas Veggie Tray Ideas

    Holiday Vegetable Trays are festive, easy to make, healthy & delicious! Add fun to your Christmas table with one of these great veggie tray ideas. Fun fruit tray ideas also featured! Holiday Vegetable Trays are a great idea to bring to a Christmas potluck or get-together. They’re easy to make and everyone seems to findView Recipe

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